I've bee offering my dogs Bravecto for over a year with no side effects. I have 4 dogs and each will take a different pill. A chichihua, a pug, a pit bull and also a,Shar pae/chow mix. I had been surprised how fast it started working.She used for being on bravecto but my vet carries this in nexgard in inventory and asked me to test it. Zioe now has… Read More

Bravecto is the first oral flea and tick medication that lasts for up to 12 weeks. Bravecto kills fleas, and also black-legged ticks (also referred to as deer ticks), American Doggy ticks, and brown Pet ticks, for 12 weeks adhering to only one dose. It's also powerful from the Lone Star tick for eight weeks. Fluralaner, the active ingredient, is a … Read More